Curtain Walling Systems

Curtain walling systems provides the perfect solution for the external cladding of any building capable of allowing in large amounts of natural light through large expanses of clear glass, creating a feeling of space and providing the perfect interface with the outside world whilst maintaining the safety, security and comfort levels of the buildings internal environment for the benefit of its occupants.

The system offers both single and double glazed options and is based around a box and plate configuration for ease of fabrication, transportation and on site installation and has been used for domestic and commercial applications such as shops, schools, hospitals, office blocks and factory units.

The system incorporates a co-extruded pressure plate which forms a thermal barrier as well as external gasketry to speed up and simplify glazing. The system is extremely practical and versatile and may be complimented by many other products to be found within our range, including, windows, doors, rain screen panels, louvers, ventilators and sun shading etc



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